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towards a sustainable society

through education and RESEARCH


Ecological Society’s mission is to promote ecological understanding of nature conservation; to design & conduct education programmes aimed at building capabilities of restoration & nature conservation projects; undertake studies for the conservation, management & restoration of our natural resources & to plan & implement field projects in both rural & urban areas setting up model units where economic planning & ecological conservation complement each other & form a viable development model to be emulated in future. Ecological society will participate actively in advocacy for awareness across rural and urban areas.


The Ecological Society strives to be a renowned and NGO in the field of ecological research and education. The Society will continue to profess the fundamental principles of Ecosystem conservation and restoration coupled with sustainable livelihood generation. We propose to create a “Nature University”, which will spawn scientists and researchers who practice an ecological approach to finding solutions afflicting the planet and human race. 

- Ecological economics and its close linkage with the use of resources and energy shall be important tenets of the Ecological Society's approach.

- We shall contribute to creating conscientious consumers in modern society. 

- We strive to enable ecological entrepreneurship,

- Ecological Society shall be instrumental in assisting in the development of policy for sustainability.


Book Review: Understanding Reality

March 10, 2024


Ecological Society envisions to be an institution ENABLING holistic Ecological Education across disciplines, professions and geographies across the world. Mission is to develop condensed context specific programs both digital and physical medium over next 10 years.


Enable sustainable societal transition through customized programs (digital and physical) for identified target groups

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