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Authors publishing agreement

To be copy-pasted, signed and sent as a PDF in the submission process 

Open Access Publishing Agreement

By submitting my manuscript to this journal published by the Ecological Society, (hereafter the ‘Publisher’) of

B-2, Jayanti Apartments, Senapati Bapat Road, Pune, India. 411016, I herewith grant permission to the Publisher to publish my article upon editorial acceptance under the following publishing agreement.

I hereby confirm that this is my original work and that (i) I own sole copyright in this work And/or (ii) I have obtained permission from all other Authors to execute this Agreement on their behalf if necessary.

And that the work has never been published before. I understand that in granting this consent I am granting to Ecological Society, the Publisher, the Rights to publish under a CC-BY 4.0 license the Contribution in the English language in print form and digitally; moral rights will be retained by the original Author/s and copyright will be held by the Author.


I agree to this Publishing Agreement, consent to execution and delivery of the Publishing Agreement electronically, and agree that confirming my consent electronically during the manuscript submission process an electronic signature shall be given the same legal force as a handwritten signature.

Terms of Use
The Contribution will be made Open Access under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY License) which permits use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided that the Contribution is properly cited.
The Publisher reserves the right to require changes to the Contribution, including changes to the length of the Contribution, as a condition of its acceptance. The Publisher reserves the right, notwithstanding acceptance, not to publish the Contribution if for any reason such publication would in the reasonable judgment of the Publisher, result in legal liability or violation of journal ethical practices. If the Journal decides not to publish the Contribution, the Author is free to submit the Contribution to any other journal from any other publisher.

As above, the final Contribution will be made Open Access under the terms of the CC-BY license. Reproduction, posting, transmission, or other distribution or use of the final Contribution in whole or in part in any medium by the Author as permitted by this Agreement requires a citation to the Journal suitable in form and content as follows: (Title of Contribution, Author, Journal Title and Volume/lssue, Copyright © [year], copyright owner as specified in the Journal). Links to the final published Contribution should be provided following the guidance below on best practices.


Retained Rights
The Author retains all proprietary rights in addition to copyright, such as patent rights in any process, procedure, or article of manufacture described in the Contribution.

Copyright Notice
The Author and any associated company/employer agree that any and all copies of the final published version of the Contribution or any part thereof distributed or posted by them in print or electronic format as permitted herein will include the notice of copyright as stipulated in the Journal and a full citation to the Journal as published by the Publisher.


Author's Representations
The Author represents that the Contribution is the Author’s original work, all individuals identified as Authors actually contributed to the Contribution, and all individuals who contributed are included. If the Contribution was prepared jointly, the Author agrees to inform the co-Authors of the terms of this Publishing Agreement and to obtain their signature to this Agreement or their written permission to sign on their behalf. The Contribution is submitted only to this Journal and has not been published before. (If excerpts from copyrighted works owned by third parties are included, the Author must obtain written permission from the copyright owners for all uses and show a credit to the sources in the Contribution.) The author also warrants that the Contribution contains no libelous or unlawful statements, does not infringe upon the rights (including without limitation the copyright, patent, or trademark rights) or the privacy of others, or contains material or instructions that might cause harm or injury.

Use of Information
The author acknowledges that, during the term of this Agreement and thereafter (for as long as necessary), the Publisher may process the Author’s personal data, including storing or transferring data outside of the country of the Contributor’s residence, in order to communicate with the Author and that the Publisher has a legitimate interest in processing the Author’s personal data. By entering into this Agreement, the Author agrees to the processing of the Author’s personal data (and, where applicable, confirms that the Author has obtained permission from all other authors to process their personal data). 

Copied on a document, Signed, dated and sent as a PDF. 

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